Finding work in France

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Jack Hughes

I agree completely with your comments. Unless you will be working for yourself in a tried and tested business which will make money to live on, you'll need to be independently wealthy. Businesses should always be planned properly.
Also, we need to be careful of the Brit business image. A French friend was recently passing an 'English bookshop' (not much of a bookshop, bits of bric a brac, estate agency and desperation), and overheard several English people complaining (loudly of course, les Anglais apparently always point and shout)to each other they can't get credit, they are having cheques bounced by other Brits in the area, they are struggling - except for one or two of them. And between them, when approached in French gave a totally dismal performance. Duh!! France isn't a free ride, and some of us treat it like a theme park apparently. But then some people actually buy 'Old Git' and 'Goats Do Roam' wines. Yours, in a sour mood with my compatriots...

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