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Renee Riitano

I lost my bagagge on the french rail line SCNF between Paris Austrelitz and Port Bou, Spain. Would you be able to provide me with any information or phone numbers to chase lost property within France on the rail systems.


Craig McGinty

Hi Renee

This website page may help:

All the best


penny ripton

I have just come back from Paris where i lost my digital camera at the arc de triomphe. The camera isn't the important thing as such it is the memory card with my special pictures i want back so much. I dont speak french confidently so i need to know who to contact over in paris who will understand an english conversation / e-mail. PLEASE HELP!

Craig McGinty

Hi Penny, might be a tough ask I'm afraid.

I notice the websites mentioned have also changed, the Paris police can be found here:

But the Objets Perdus et Trouvés site looks to have been closed.

Best of luck


Stephanie Jamieson

I lost my mobal phone in a taxi in Paris on July 10th. Any information on how to track it down is appreciated.

Thank You.

Craig McGinty

Hi Stephanie
I think the best option to see if your lost item has been handed in is to contact the Parisian police department at:

One that page there is mention of what to do if you lose an item in a taxi.

Best of luck


gianfranco galli

i have just come back to paris where the 11/08 last i have lost my camera in metro to troncadero with all accessories. My camera was in a bag the coulor is brown clear with a pockets blue and red. if you fimd it please contact me thank you

Craig McGinty

Hi Gianfranco
I'm afraid the site has no connections with lost property in Paris I suggest you follow some of the links mentioned above to register your lost camera equipment with the authorities.
Regards, Craig

Fotini Geromalidou

We accidentally left our Sony digital video Camera in a bench at Port De L'Arsenal or in a bench at Promenade Plantee. I sent an email at the Parisian Police (at an address mentioned above) but I was wondering if there is another contact point for either one of the above mentioned locations
Thank you

Craig McGinty

Hi Fotini, you may be able to track contact details down through the Paris Mairie at
Hope you are able to find your camera.
Regards, Craig


We left our backpack on the Metro (line 4 or 10),tried to back track but were unsuccesful. I did send an email to the police, but not sure what else we can do? The bag was brown with burgandy trim, in it was our Kodak(P850) digital camera, glasses in a wooden case and a pink rain jacket(Columbia). If anyone has any other info. could you please let me know. Jenn This would have been on the 8th or 9th of July,2008

S Daly

My 8 year old son left a white nintendo DS case with all his favourite DS games in it on the train in France. We were travelling on the train from Bayonne to Lourdes on 21st July, last Monday. As we dont speak Frence we were unable to try to track them down. Any help at all would be appreciatesd if anyone had similar experiences. I know its very unlikely that he will get them back.


Braclet lost on trian from Gare de Lyon (3.15pm) to Marseille 25th July 2008.
High sentimental value - Reward

susan luraschi

At different times I have found my son's back pack, my agenda and finally a wallet that a friend from San Francisco left in a market. She thought she had been pickpocketed. I suggested that she write a letter with a description to the Lost and Found office thinking that even if it had been stolen, a wallet can end up in the street. The office sent a letter to San Francisco saying it had turned up; She then sent a letter to me with a photocopy of her passport giving me authority to pick it up. I did. Her glasses and all her money was still in it.

Craig McGinty

Hi Susan, thanks for those helpful tips and here's hoping that people find their lost items.
All the best, Craig


There is a website for lost/found cameras at Hope this helps someone!

Kartik Kataria


I have lost my wallet which had some cash, credit cards and my carte de sejour. Cash and credit card is not a problem. However, the main thing is my Carte de Sejour as I would need it to go back to my home country.

Please get back to me at, if you find it. You will be treated royally.


Elaine Tan

Lost camera Canon IXUS 950IS in Dream Castle Hotel - Disneyland Paris on 06Jun09 between 8:15pm-8:45pm at the sofa of the hotel main lobby. I realize it only half an hour later and contacted the front desk officer but found nothing. There is a CCTV at the lobby but the officer refuse to go through it. Those who has taken the camera can just keep the camera, but please return me the memory card as it is for my pre-wedding purpose. Photo taken in London, Paris city and Disneyland. Me and my husband to be can't afford to travel to Europe again as he is afraid of travel by air. Hopefully someone will be honest and kind enough to reply. Keep my finger cross. God bless us all.
Thanks - Elaine, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Hi There,

I have lost a glove its the righthand one, its
black leather with a pink bow at the wrist, I lost it
going throught the barrier in the M at Gare
de Lyon, on route back to Montparnasse.
The date was the 15.02.2010
Hope you can help,
Thank you for your time.

john dowling

left olympus camera in front seat of well on taxi ride from le maridian hotel montparnasse to charles de gaulle airport at 10;30/11;00 on sunday 23/5/10,only want memory card back ,or reward for camera and card.


My name is Anastasia and i visited Paris a few days ago(05/24/2010) While i was waiting for my departure flight( on May 24th,the flight number was A3611,the company name is AEGEAN AIRWAYS,the destination was Athens and the time was 14.20) i realised i had lost my photo camera(NICON-Silver-S200 model).The last time i remember having it was during the check-in.
I would deeply appreciated if you could help me find it.The sentimental value of these photos is very high for me!
Thank you in advance

Alex Falconer

Lost a Sony Digital Camera (Black Body/Silver Trim), with lens cap & Black Sony Strap in Disneyland Park Fri 8th Oct whilst rushing young son to First Aid after being violently sick. Not bothered about camera, but photos are priceless, first couple show young sons at edinburgh airport, in front of Air France plane, and in Captains Seat, others various taken with Disney Characters etc.

Alex Falconer

Accidentially left Sony Cybershot Camera in Disneyland Park Paris (somewhere around junction of Main St USA/Frontierland along through Plaza Garden Resturant/First Aid Area), fri 8th October 2010, not bothered about camera, however memory card pics are priceless, reward offered

Kath Weiss

Upon departing Paris the morning of 6/9/2011, my IPhone3G was left in a taxi (company unknown) when going from the Hilton Arc du Triomphe to Charles De Gaulle Airport. The phone has a pink & purple case with the last several pics on it are of my (college age) children at the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye. Reward offered.

Julie Frank

Lost a black digital camera on the night of Sunday 3rd July somewhere near the Republique area. I'm devastated - it was a present from my husband and has treasured pictures of my daughter on it. I'm back home in the UK now though. If Lost Property have it is there a service where they can send it to me by post?


i left a brown jacket in the taxi on my way to the airport of charles de gaulle. Could you please help me with the useful addresses or other links?

many thanks,


I left my silver small Olympus digital camera on the TGV stop in Avignon on its way to Nice France. Please let me know if you have found it. You will be well rewarded. This was on July 9th, 2011 my birthday!!!

Europe travels

Lost blue nikon coolpix camera at Gare Saint Lazare afternoon of 13/07/2011. Would like the memory card returned if possible. If found please contact me
Thank you,

Kevin B

If Anyone Can Help:

I lost an 8 Gig Sony Memory Stick Memory Card wth over 3400 precious photos somewhere in France on or around 6/16/11 to 6/18/11. We were in Bordeaux (in the city and throughout the Medoc), St. Emilion (where I think I lost it), and on the TGV from Bordeaux to Paris CDG. The Memory card was in my camera case and somehow must have flipped out when taking out the camera. If anyone finds this please contact me at Thanks.


lost a sony digital camera around the big white boat in disneyland resort in paris sunday 21 of august 2011 i dont want the camera back but if someone has it could they please contact me to give me back the momory card as it holds very prescious photos

thank you very much

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