The pain of life in France

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Thomas Nicholls

I moved to France with my French girlfriend and we ended up having issues with the fact that she had to take care of more or less everything. Even when I was able to speak French, it was just a habit to let her take care of things, so we continued for quite a while like that. My mood suffered severely since it is against my nature to be in the background and the situation was putting way too much pressure on my girlfriend. The best decision I have made while living in France, was to decide that I should act just like I did back in Denmark where I'm from. You'll actually see that you often get further when speaking with a slight accent, since some people decide to be more helpful.

It obviously takes a while before you speak fluently enough to take care of any given situation, but you should really avoid waiting too long. You can do way more than you expect, even with an accent.

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