The first thisfrenchlife podcast

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Phil Voice

What a great concept. Something that I would certainly consider on our site

Linda Campbell

Hi Craig, Great little podcast. Downloaded very fast, sound quality was good and enjoyed it. Were you happy with the haircut? Best wishes, Linda

Craig McGinty

Hi Linda
Very happy, I'm now a regular, and I've no fears of coming out looing like the Hair Bear Bunch.
All the best


Very nicely done! The sound quality was great, and the story was charming. I would, however, have been interested in hearing the barber speak a bit as well, along with your translation. Maybe it's an equipment related limitation, though. I'm new to the technology.

I look forward to more podcasts in the future!


Downloaded fine on dial up, sound quality good too - a really nice concept. Look forward to the next installment! What next I wonder?

Craig McGinty

Many thanks for all your comments. I'm thinking about trying some new ideas and subjects - so stay posted.


I've never heard of a podcast - what a brilliant idea! Well done Craig. Looking forward to the next one.


Thanks Craig, I enjoyed your 'hiarcut' podcast. Very professional, sound levels good. I heard it direct, while catching up on my email in the municipal cyberkiosk of Valbonne village -Alpes Maritime, France - overlloking the Brague river. Lovely day.
Kepp up the good work. K


Lovely idea and well "performed" - look forward to further editions!
One thought, would it be possible at some point to hear some of these exchanges in the original French? Then we may gain an appreciation of the subtle (and, sometimes, not so subtle!) differences in regional accents.
Keep up the good work.


Great idea.

From a language perspective it would have been really lovely, after you had set the scene with the story, to hear the dialog of the next person coming in for a hair cut. This would really set the atmosphere and offer some language practice too.

Thanks for the magazine!


Like hearing Dickens in France, charmingly Brittish, quintessentially French...a delictable mix of charm and reverie.

Jack Hughes

Thanks Craig for a pleasant listen to the barber experience, and for treating the subject with accuracy and respect. So often we hear descriptions full of 'aren't foreigners funny?' asides. Your experience of the barber was just as we have found it in our local town. Professional, clever and friendly. And no request whether we want hair wax or mousse as we leave. The download took about 2 minutes on our poor dialup bandwidth. I'll be in touch again about talking to France Telecom about upping our options to broadband - we are not degrouped yet. Thanks for an ongoing website we can rely on.


I listened to it and so enjoyed it, it's lovely! Very well told and nice to listen to.

What a shame you never did make any more!

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