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Anil Sinha

HI Craig! How are you? Regarding RSS, I haven't a clue as to what you are talking about -- sounds interesting though --Really Simple Syndication -- when eventually I am able to get to it. I have downloaded and saved (not yet run) both Bloglines (as you suggest) and Awasu (as BBC site suggests). What next? I know I can click on one of these and it will start downloading -- but then I will panic??? I need a step by step instruction, please!! Many thanks -- and best wishes. Anil.

Craig McGinty

Hi Anil

OK. I will use the example of Bloglines as that is the one I am familiar with.

Once you have set-up your password and confirmed your account you will be taken to the opening page.

A click on My Feeds in the top left corner will take you through to a page that allows you to add the link that will draw in the new stories from thisfrenchlife.

That involves right clicking on the link I've highlighted in the article above, copying it and then placing it either in the box that has the button subscribe beside it, or click on Add in the top left hand corner and paste it in to the box in the middle of the screen, that again has subscribe next to it. Then hit subscribe.

The web page will refresh almost straight away and in the left column will be the words thisfrenchlife in bold and a number in brackets.

This is telling you that there is new content from the site and the number of most recent stories.

And that is it.

I see you mention that you have downloaded something from Bloglines, is this the Notifier? This is useful as it checks for you when sites you've picked have been updated and you will see a message pop up to say it has.

You then just click on the small letter B that sits at the bottom of your computer and it takes you straight to your Bloglines page with the new stories.

See how it goes and drop me a line if you have any more questions.


- Craig
Editor, thisfrenchlife

Derek Drew

Hi Craig,

Credit Agricole Touraine at du Poitou have set up a dedicated English-speaking team of English and French advisors. In its first English-language newsletter it claims to provide a service tailored to the specific needs of English customers.

Interesting to know if CA in other areas are doing the same.



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