First time buyers look abroad

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damien cousins

Dear This is the French Life,
i have recently become intereted in the property market and within the first week i came to the conclusion that buying my first property would be finacially more attractive abroad.
My home town is an expensive suburb of london called Ealing, after reading a book on how to get on the property ladder it recommended that northolt a town ten minutes away from Ealing was classed as affordable however the prices range from £110,000 - 170,000 for a one bedroom flat. This made me realise that given my place of work is in Ealing, my family,friends and life is based around Ealing ive decided that this maybe the only option available to me.
The only thing is im very tempted to buy in France, hence i am reading a book on the subject.
However i would like to hear your suggestion!
Yours Damien Cousins.

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