EU pet passport for travel

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I found this blog on the same subject useful

john cessford

email address wanted for French vet for pet passport

Craig McGinty

Hi John
Difficult to know exactly where you are located, but if you are in the UK or France.

But the best place to start will be Defra's own website on the PETS passport scheme at:

All the best

Deborah Eaton


I have posted a comment under looking for long term rental, and would like to find a rescue center where I can volunteer so any suggestions are most welcome. Also my brother runs a pet/people courier service throughout Europe. For further information and prices please contact me?

Many thanks.


Nikki Newell

i am moving to the Limousin in July lock, stock & Moggy. She has just had her microchip & 1 rabies jab. This is all my Vet says is needed. She is 15 years old & he doesn't see any need to overload her. He also says that as we do not intend her to travek back to the UK, she won't need a Pet Passport. I'm want to check if this is correct as I keep reading about EU Pet Passports. The Defra wensite seems mainly concerned with animals re-entering the UK. Do you know if an EU Pet Passport is required or will her Microchip & Rabies Vaccination certificates be adequate?


pam coakley

How much will it cost to have a passport for my french dog so he can travel to England with me and how long will it take?

Phillip Carr

Follow the DEFRA link above (in Craig's post) for the chapter and verse, but the quick answer is that the cost may vary by vet (microchip, vaccination, blood test - in that order - are the basics. I seem to recall that I paid c.£100 in the UK 5 years ago) and 6 months have to pass between the date the vet took the blood sample that gives a satisfactory test result and when you enter the UK. The vet must record the vaccination and blood test dates in the pet passport (which he will supply). Hope that helps.

Phillip Carr

This link is the current one to the PETS page:

Craig McGinty

Thanks for the reply Phillip, and I've also updated the link in the piece itself.

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