Switched on to satellite TV

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Darren Parker

Dear All,

Can anyone recommend a reliable Satallite Installation company who covers the Haute Savoie area? We are in Chatel to be precise.

Thank you,


switch to satellite tv

I like that France doesn't even depend on tv for entertainment like we do here in the US.


We have a small canal boat in France and would enjoy watching some TV. Would you advise us what is available to us and how to go about getting it.

Graeme Swan

to Nancy

You can buy "caravan kits" in many shops in the uk which are a briefcase with a small powerful dish, lnb and digi box - they also come with details on how to point them. These should pick up the free UK stations.

see eg


Craig McGinty

Hi Graeme
Many thanks for that, I couldn't think of a solution myself, and I'm sure Nancy will appreciate the advice.
All the best, Craig


I've mentioned this company before, but I was really impressed with www.broadbandinfrance.com
an offering total English non-tecci support through installation and operation, dealing direct with France Telecom and keeping in touch giving a really caring service. The delivery of the technical gubbins was spot-on and their telephone back-up was a real comfort. I can't speak too highly of a real service.



Does anyone know of a free sat installer for the la manche region



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