A look at the Auvergne

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Some info about the region www.frenchrecipe.net/recipe/auvergne.htm

Max Lindsay-Johnson

Can anyone help? I own a property 25km North East of Vichy, 8km from Lapalisse. Unfortunately my caretaker/gardener died recently and this has left me in a difficult position as I need someone to help with the handover between paying guests approx six times per year and also pop up to the house put the heating on, etc.. at other times. Does anyone know someone local that might need the welcome extra money?

Amber Kelly Luke

I may be able to help look at my website and then contact me we can discuss the distance and prices etc.

i kennedy

my daughter is moving into our house which is very close to La Palisse at the end of June. She would probably be happy to do it. I'll email her and ask

i kennedy

yes, she'd be happy to do that for you! email me if you want her to do it!

Cameron Wigg

I'm looking for a builder that can help finish of renovation work on a watermill.I'm in Puy de Dome,{near Tauves}.

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