Putting the fitness into France

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hiya, was wondering if your able to help, im currently doing a BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science and want to be a fitness instructor, my family is moving to France when i finish college, i was wondering if you are able to tell me what qualifications i need to be a fitness instructor in France and how to go about it.

Thanks Joanna


Hi Becky..
My name is Rob i have been in the fitness industry for around 17 years i recently bought a house in the Dordogne region of france, my family has really settled into the village where we live, so with persuasion we are currently living there on a permanent basis. My experience is extensive in the fitness industry from client based personal training to working with groups of top sporting athletes. I certainly have not taken early retirement at 34 (i wish i could afford to) but due to this new move to France i am trying to look at my options in working here. If you have any advice it would be most helpful.. and if i can be of any help in return ..then great!

Kind Regards

Justine O'Hara

Hi Becky, I've just read your article and the other posts...I'm afraid I have a very similar request. I've qualified with YMCAfit in Studio Instructing and Fitpro for Pilates and we are moving back to France next year. Although I used to live and work in France 8 years ago, it was in a totally different industry.
What kind of diploma is required to teach fitness independently in France? What about Public Liability Insurance and PPL?
Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.



gail mackey

Hi Becky,
I am a French teacher in the State of New Jersey and I just read your article on French

I am trying to increase the enrollment for the
students in my high school to take French since
the enrollment in studying French has gone down due to everyone wanting to learn Spanish.
The communinity where I teach is mostly Hispanic speaking. In the past I have been an
aerobic instructor. I am trying to set up a
club at the school called "French Fit, le FFC"
Several students need to lose wait and I thought if we had a club with a French accent it could help me increase my enrollment.
Do you have any ideas where I can get help with French expressions in the fitness industry. thanks and good luck to you.
gail aka giselle

Murielle lenglin

Hello Becky!

I am actually from France but have been leaving in canada for the last 26 years.
I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer.
I would like to teach in France.
Do you happen to know if they would except my Canadian/American certifications there?
Thank you for your answer

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