Schooling in France

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I think French Education is great. When our children reached schooling age (three years ago) we moved from Spain to France because we did not like Spanish education. On the other hand, French education has proved to be all we were expecting and much more.

Sara Plumier

Wendy, really nice to hear your comments, we're also moving from Spain to France shortly and I'm very glad to hear you're happier with the French system versus the Spanish as we're more than a bit disallusioned qith the system here! Where do you live in France? We're moving to Brittany and I'm currently searching for a school so I'd be interested to know...

Lisa McCarthy

Hi there
We are a New Zealand family who would like to travel to France for one year and put our children in to a French school. They will be aged 6 and 8. Do you know if it is possible for us to do this as we are residents in NZ and will be travelling on a visitors visa.

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