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Iam going to visit france i want to learn france

Craig McGinty

Hi Ramesh

Many thanks for your message.

I have a section on the site that covers Learning French, please see:

Hope this helps.


good one

Penny Hewitt

I am trying to learn French, and I work for a French company. I understand a lot more spoken French than I am brave enough to talk. My husband and I talk of moving to France one day. I am very interested in your site and books. Best wishes. Penny

Craig McGinty

Hi Penny

Many thanks for your kind words about the site.

Just in case you've not spotted it there is a category on the site covering the French language, please see:

Hope this helps.


Beth Brodie

How do I subscribe to the sites newsletters?
Kind regards

Craig McGinty

Hi Beth

Just pop your email address in the box at the top of the right hand column, and then every Wednesday you will get the newsletter.

All the best


jeremy white

does anybody know anything about brive airport opening up or who is going to fly there

Craig McGinty

Hi Jeremy

Brive Airport seems to be a bit of a long-running affair, and I don't think there is a confirmed opening date just yet.

You can visit the airport's website at:


thanks for providing this opportunity, i am trying to get to speak frech although i am a beginner to learning french. lookoing forward to getting the newsletter

Craig McGinty

Hi Joe, many thanks for signing up to the newsletter.

I'm not sure if you've already seen this but the site has a section pointing to many interesting sites which will help with learning French, please see:

All the best

Inderjeet Singh

I want to learn French language.

Annelie le Grange

Stumbled upon your wonderful & informative website while researching France in preparation for my holiday there in April. I am a Hugenot decendant, living at the most southern tip of Africa, in Knysna, favourite town on the Garden Route. Yet my biggest dream has always been to buy a property in France & to relocate there. I have been a Francophile @ heart all my live - my company's (Architectural Design studio)logo is the Arch de Triomph & the fleur-de-Lys features proudly on the gable ends of my home. Do you perhaps offer a house swopping facility on your site? I would be keen to enter into such an arrangement. Living in a home in a foreign country is so much more real than parking of in some commercial hotel. The town I reside in is surrounded by the most amazing scenery, is situated between gentle hills with indigenous forests, on a lake with all the watersports possible. 5 Top class golf courses are on your doorstep. Game farms are very popular with visitors. The airport is 45 minutes drive away, with lots of connecting services available. 2 Beaches with soft golden sand becons. You will be able to walk to all the restaurants & shops from my home situated in the historic part of town, 2 streets down from the main road.

Looking forward to a keen reponse from you.


Craig McGinty

Hi Annelie
Many thanks for your message, it is clear you have a great love for all things France.
I've written a piece about house swaps that might help, please see:

All the best, Craig


i'm LOVING Frrance since 1998, when Zidane lifted the Fifa cup. i'm a draftsman civil engg., and i found this site due to the study about Milla Viaduc.
can you mail me an ebook about Millau bridge.


i love french

Craig McGinty

Hi Haroon, hope you enjoy discovering more about life in France as you take a look around the site.
All the best


I was emailed your website from a number of sources. I have just realised a 40-year-old dream of having a home in France. It is a 200 year-old longere on the marias in Norandy, habitable and virtualy untouched. Although I speak french - it's rusty. The book has already given me a few tips and I have only skimmed it. All I need to do is brush up on my written and reading abilities. Who knows I might even finish the Count of Monte Cristo in French (I have had it for 40 years!). Then on to my Editions Nelson.

I will be dipping in often



Craig McGinty

Hi Valentyn, many thanks for visiting the site and it sounds as though you have found a beautiful place. To help with the language you might want to browse the archive of articles here:
All the best, Craig

Richard Farrelly

Dear folks....I have tried in vain to find the link (after clicking the link three times) sign up to the site...Anyone tell me where it might be lurking?...

I wish to post some adverts....Regards. RF.

Richard Farrelly

Hi there?...

Is it possible for me to advertise and apartment for sale anywhere here....I've looked...I don't simply wish to post it here and have it withdrawn.....Thanks.. RF.

Craig McGinty

Hi Richard,

I offer a very simple advertising service that will see your property promoted across more than 3k pages on the site, more here:

Any questions just drop me a line


Lenorzer Marlise

I was a regular reader of "The French News", have had a subscription for years. I would therefore subscribe to "The French Week", but not online, rather the paper edition. Pease let me know how I can subscribe.
Thanks a lot
M. Lenorzer

Craig McGinty

Hi Marlise, drop in on The French Week website and order details are available there:
All the best, Craig

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