Installing a telephone line in your French home

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Steve Davey

Can anybody tell me who is responsible for the line to the house. As today a tractor with a high load pulled the line down.

Craig McGinty

Hi Steve, I think your first port of call should be France Telecom. There English language helpline number is 0800 364 775.
All the best, Craig

Rob G

France Telecom are driving me insane. I arrived in the country 3 May.
12 May went to FT Shop at Chateaubriant to request phone + internet.
Date of 25 May given for installation. Between 13:00 and 15:00.
Charge ...55 Euro's.
Prior to 25 May two calls received confirming the installation date and time.
25 May. 16:45 two lads turned up.
They asked where the socket was? I told them there wasn't one as the house had been empty for 10 years and had been renovated. All that was required was for them to drill a hole through the wall and connect it to the line that ran to the roof.
Oooo no, we don't drill holes, we need access to the loft.
I don't have access to the loft.
Oooo well, thats it then we will have to go.
Hold on.
A quick phone call to a fluently speaking friend and I passed to the phone to lad numero uno.
He passed the phone back...nope, they don't drill holes.
Another phone call and the builder was at my house within 5 minutes.
He had forgotten to put the loft hatch in, so he borrowed a saw and cut a hole in my freshly painted the wrong place.
Then he cut another in the right place.
After much faffing about the FT crew got into the loft and installed the line. Then handed me a bill for 44 Euro's!
Brilliant...internet at last...
Then they tell me that the line might be live in 3 weeks!
3 weeks pass and no live line.
I rang the English speaking helpline (on my mobile) and was told that there was a problem, it will take a week to resolve.
1 week passes. No line.
I ring them again. Oh, he says, there is a problem but I don't know what it is, would you like to speak to Technical Support.
He transfers me to Technical Support.
Oh, he says, there is a problem, but I don't know what it is. I will call you back on 16th June, between 10-11am.
A week phone call.
I wait another 3 days.
I go back to the FT shop. I explain the situation. The guy says there is a problem...but he doesn't know what it is. He tells me he will ring Customer Support. He tries about 10 times but can't get through.
He takes my mobile number and says he will call me later.
He calls me later and says that my landline will be live on 22 June.
22 internet connection goes live, but no landline.
I check the speed..8mb download/0.84mb upload. It is advertised as a 20mb line?
I cope without a landline until 29th June then use the online technical assistance via the FT website.
They come back and say there is a problem, but they don't know what it is. They ask me to run through a series of configuration checks and to send them screenshots. I do this.
Next day another email arrives....There is a problem but they don't know what it is.
Now it is the 1 July and still no sign or hope of ever getting a landline.

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