The railway cottage life

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jan wright

Lovely to read Carole and Bernard story but where on earth did they find 23 railway houses to look at. We have similar ideas of renovating an old railway house but the one and only one we found was sold by the time we got there. Anyone know of such gems for sale? In the dordogne, vienne area. Please let me know.
regards Jan

Craig McGinty

Hi Jan

This story was written nearly four years ago now and Carole and Bernard were looking for railway cottages in France a few years before this as well.

Nowadays there are very few cottages available either original or revamped, the rail authorities quickly realised the value of the properties and very few come on the market nowadays.

I think you'd have to spend some time in an area, maybe renting at first, to try and track down any that come on the market, but it would be a tough ask.

All the best

Jan wright

Hi Craig, Thanks for the info. We do spend lots of time in france mainly the south we've looked all over and i think you're right there's none left these days What a pity! regards Jan

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