On track to a carte grise

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I am in the process of looking for a second hand car and just need some definitive clarification of what the vendor of the car (esp through a private sale) should be providing me in terms of certificates/paperwork. Is it:

Certificat d'Immatriculation
Certificat Controle Technique
Certificat de Non-Gage
Old Carte Grise

Is there also a certificate obtained by the police (not sure of it's exact title!) proving that the car is not subject to any legal sanctions? Does the vendor provide that?

The Certificat de Cession - does this only come into play on the final exchange of the vehicle? Who should provide that?

Any information on this gratefully received!!

Thank you

Craig McGinty

Hi Nicky, the Certificat de Non-Gage is the document that highlights if there is an outstanding loan on the car.

A list of the forms involved can be found here:


But it is also worth dropping in on the Mairie as they will be able to explain things further.

All the best, Craig

sharon wolfenden

I am looking at buying a French registered car in the uk from a garage. I have the chassis number & reg number. how can I check that there is no outstanding debt, or accident history as well as checking whether the car is not stolen?

Craig McGinty

Hi Sharon
You are looking for a 'Certificate de Non-Gage' and the seller should provide these details.

More here:

All the best,


Im buying a lhd car in the UK and want to register it in France..Anyone could guide me about paper works(carte grise,v5,insurance,..and stuffs..

David Russell

I worked for a French company for a number of yrs
when I left they allowed me to keep the company vehicle But I have to transfer ownership from the company to myself is it possible to down load certificat de cession d'un vehicule in english as I have now left France

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