Fighting for high-speed access

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Well, I've been passing through East Africa for the past 30 months - mostly Kenya. Although DSL service exists in Nairobi, the problem is that people (perhaps Telkom Kenya technicians, etc?!??!) are stealing the telephone cable for the copper wire so wireless is the better alternative for the moment. However, 3 separate undersea fibre optic cables are being laid around the Indian Ocean coast, so I expect things to get better in a year or so. But I really don't know how this is all going to pan out once said cables go live. Some infrastructure work is still needed to maximize the use of this broadband. For now, I'm sticking with EDGE/HSDPA/3G mobile Internet service from Safaricom and Celtel. It's not too bad for 10 to 12 Kenya Shillings per MEGABYTE.

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