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Macron becomes French president, but real work now begins

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Taste of France

The next worry is the legislatives.
Had LePen faced a politician with more experience yet no taint (does it exist? Christine Lagarde? she was in a scandal, but tangentially), she would have gotten a lot fewer votes. She got 100% of the racist vote, but not everybody who voted for her was racist, just as not everybody who voted for Trump was. Some people are scared of losing what little they have--people near retirement who fear Macron's promises of making it easier to fire employees and raising the retirement age. Just try to get a job when you're 50 or older. Those people with jobs now see retirement threatening to be even farther off, while not being sure they'll still have a job in the meantime.
That said, LePen's promises would have led to economic ruin. Better a later retirement than none at all.

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