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News stops: Pension reform questioned; Paris luxury property boom

A LOOK over some of the news headlines from France.

Paris luxury property lures overseas rich as French flee taxes
When a 44 million-euro ($59 million) Parisian townhouse near the Champs-Elysees was snapped up just six weeks after it was put on the block, Charles-Marie Jottras knew the city’s luxury property market was turning around.

Frogs 'beat French to frogs legs' Wiltshire dig suggests
A major archaeological dig in Wiltshire has unearthed evidence of frogs legs being eaten in Britain, 8,000 years before France, it has been claimed.

Bull gores German cyclist to death in southern France
An escaped bull has gored a German cyclist to death and injured his wife on a road in the Camargue region of southern France, in a rare attack.

Children's 'exposure to mobile phones should be limited'
French safety watchdog recommends limiting exposure to radio frequencies for children and intensive users.

Little resistance to France's retirement reform - except from economists
President Francois Hollande has managed to do what was once thought impossible: make changes to France's cherished and generous retirement system with little resistance from unions. His secret? The changes are so small and put off so far into the future that economists say they aren't worthy of the name "reform."

EU study on migrants rebuffs 'benefit tourism' claims
A European Commission study has found that jobless EU migrants make up a very small share of those claiming social benefits in EU member states.

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