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Flamme-verteTHE use of wood as a heating source is proving more and more popular amongst French home owners.

Figures from ADEME, the energy ministry, show that 7.4 million homes in France use wood for heating, which compares to 5.9 million in 1999.

Half of these homes use wood as their major source of heating, and ADEME has raise questions about the age of some wood burning stoves in use.

They warn that many open fire places are in use and that older stoves can still be found in many homes, estimating that around 3.3 million stoves should be replaced to ensure wood is being burnt efficiently.

ADEME says that home owners should look out for the Flamme Verte label on new equipment when replacing old wood burning stoves.

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John Nelson

Houses have been heated with wood for a very long time in this region (Essonne). Some even say "Ca fait pas grand chose... Mais ça fait joli"... :)

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