Look out for 'full-to-empty' car hire policy
UMP defeats far-right in France by-election

News stops: Seeking contact with hostage takers, lost lynx found, France fears change

A LOOK over some of the headlines from France.

Hollande believes hostages alive, Paris 'seeking contacts'
French President Francois Hollande said Sunday that he had "every reason to believe that the hostages are alive", and that Paris was "always seeking contacts" to free them.

Déjà Vu
France’s Third Republic lasted 70 years, but it is most remembered for its disastrous performance between the 20th century’s two world wars when a succession of governments — no fewer than 34, to be exact — stubbornly refused to recognize a changing world.

French police recover lost pet lynx on Riviera
French police on Saturday said they have recovered a pet lynx that escaped from its Russian owners while they were on vacation in the jet-set haven of Saint-Tropez.

New poster child for French National Front woos voters
Marine Le Pen may be facing prosecution for anti-Muslim remarks but France's far-right National Front hopes a 23-year-old farmer's son can boost its political resurgence.

Devastated French villagers recount flood trauma
"I watched my tank of heating oil rise up out of its concrete casing and just float away, like a boat." Paulette Peythieu has spent a large chunk of her 83 years in the tiny village of Fos on France's mountainous southwestern border with Spain.

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