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Taste of American independence in Cahors on 4 July

News stops: Chinese students attacked, Napoleonic semaphore and Paris mayor

A QUICK round up of some of the recent news headlines from France.

Attack on Chinese students dents France's image: minister
French Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll said Sunday that the country's image had taken a hit following an attack on six Chinese oenology students in the wine-producing Bordeaux region.

How Napoleon's semaphore telegraph changed the world
Napoleonic semaphore was the world's first telegraph network, carrying messages across 18th Century France faster than ever before. Now a group of enthusiastic amateurs are reviving the ingenious system.

Paris mayor praises beauty of revamped Place de la République
Bertrand Delanoë says £20.4m renovation of French capital's historic square has allowed it to be reclaimed by the people.

Head blow leaves Australian with French accent: report
An Australian woman who now speaks with a French-sounding accent after a head injury eight years ago has revealed the experience has left her feeling frustrated and reclusive.

Anne Hidalgo: How heir to Spanish socialist tradition has chance to be first female mayor of Paris
Working mother takes on France's elite in battle for job to run capital city – a position which is seen as a stepping stone to the presidency.

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J Roger Clifford-Banks

The people of Bordeaux may not be happy about Chinese investment Co's buying up their vineyards, but there is no excuse for mindless violence against innocent students. If they don't want their wine-making to end up in the hands of the Chinese; don't sell to them.

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