Weed killer found in tests of European urine
A 'preferably eaten before' date planned to cut food waste

News stops: Airbus jet's test flight, Thatcher opera, EU cars safety call

A LOOK over some of the recent headlines from France.

Airbus A350 successfully completes maiden test flight
The newest aircraft from European planemaker Airbus has successfully completed its maiden test flight.

Thatcher and Pinochet turned into opera
Margaret Thatcher's friendship with ex-Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet turned into an opera due to open in Paris for a five-night run.

Pastry chef jailed for Internet humiliation of apprentice
A French pastry chef has been sentenced to two months in prison for systematically humiliating a young apprentice in incidents that were filmed and posted on social media.

New EU cars will dial for help in case of a crash
The EU wants all new passenger cars fitted out by October 2015 with a life-saving automatic dial-up system so emergency workers can speed to the site of a crash as swiftly as possible.

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