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Manif anti-mariage homo: les participants en... par BFMTV
THE struggling French economy was used as a stick to beat François Hollande by gay marriage protesters as they took to the streets of Paris on Sunday.

The demonstrators highlighted France's flagging economy, beset by mass layoffs and spiralling unemployment, attacking Socialist President Francois Hollande's government of ignoring pressing issues while pushing ahead with his election pledge of "Marriage for All."

Banners held up from balconies read: "We want work not gay marriage," and "No to gayxtremism."

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An estimated 300,000 people joined the protest despite the same-sex marriage legislation having been adopted by the lower chamber of parliament already.

Although the protesters hoped that their concerns would be heard as the bill goes to the Senate for examination and approval in April, hoping that a national referendum would be held on the issue.

The vast majority of the protest was conducted peacefully, although police had to use tear gas to keep some protesters from marching on the Champs Elysees which had been barricaded off.

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