News stops: Three Kurd women shot in Paris
Le Conseil d’Etat rejects challenge to ban on use of 'mademoiselle'

Websites I've recently stopped off at

THE mist and clouds have been hanging heavy around the tree tops over the past few days, weather for web browsing so here are a few places I've stopped off.

La Fine Mousse quenches Paris’s thirst for craft beer
The popularity of micro-breweries grows in the French capital.

My sales & experience in the education app market - 2012 report
How the creator of a French language iPad app, as well as other languages, built a successful business from his home in France.

Inside Burgundy iPad ebook brings vintage tastes to Apple's iBookstore
Bringing a wine guide to the iPad lets its author try new ways of telling vineyard stories.

Launching a travel start up today
If you have used the Boots 'n' All website here is how it started, and the piece goes on to offer tips about growing an online business.

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