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Ryanair open up new routes between Morocco and France

RYANAIR has announced an expansion of its services to Morocco with a number of new routes between the country and France.

The airline said it would open bases at the capital Marrakech and at Fez from April, and also start services from the other Moroccan cities of Essaouira and Rabat.

There will be four new routes from Fez to Lille, Nantes, Nimes and St Etienne. While Marrakech will see new links to Bergerac, Dole in the east of France, Vatry in the north east and Tours (other flights from Baden, Munich and Cuneo, Italy).

A new service from Essaouira will also operate to Marseille, as well as Brussels, and Rabat will have be served from Paris, Marseille and again Brussels.

- This summer Ryanair will be operating two flights a week between Düsseldorf-Weeze and Bergerac, starting in April.

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Phil Voice

I think we are going to see Bergerac develop into a major hub. There's plenty of land to expand and develop facilities and the road links are excellent.

I went to Essaouira in 2010 but had to travel from Toulouse. It wasn't a massive chore but it's over 2 hours from us. Bergerac is an easy skip through the lanes and along the N21: all in 20 mins on a good day.

I also see property prices soaring within an hour's drive of Bergerac airport.

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