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Out on a snowy Dordogne dog walk

I COULD hear tree branches cracking under the weight of the snow as I was out on the morning dog walk here in Loubejac.

A heavy and abundant coating of snow sits across the countryside, with my footprints being quickly devoured by snow that looks set to stick around for more than just one day.

The north of the Dordogne has seen around 10cm of snow, and the département currently sits under a vigilance orange that is in place until Thursday morning.

So the log burning fire is up and running, and as the lights flicker it seems as though the electricity itself is struggling to get through, leaving people cocooned away in the Dordogne countryside.

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Jo Harrison

Waiting for the snow to arrive in Vienne so I can introduce my dog to it, will be the first time he has seen it. Colder tonight, maybe we'll get some tomorrow.

J Roger Clifford-Banks

If you don't hear from me within a month, would you send rescue parties to dig me out!

Phil Voice

Looks like you had a lot more snow than us Craig. We are just 40 mins from you.

The snow did settle here in the end and I would say we had an inch tops. Last night though it froze and was like glass this morning.

Many kids (including mine) stayed away from school and the school buses didn't run. The main roads are fine but driving the mile to get to our closest one is a real hardship, especially as there's a difficult hill, on a bed, to navigate.

Warmer by the weekend they say but colder tonight.

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