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THERE is much talk at the moment of 'Made in France' as the government urges people to buy locally manufactured products.

And there is nothing more French than the humble baguette, yet the owner of a boulangerie in Paris that can trace back its history more than 200 years is having to close down as the price of rents increase.

The RFI website tells of how Claude Esnault, who has run the bakery since 1969, faces a near doubling of his rent and looks set to close the shop instead of being able to pass it on to another baker.

Claude Esnault serves about 200 baguettes a day, and employs four people, but the owners of the building want to increase his current €18,000 a year rent to €35,000 to help fund a refurbishment of the building as they hope to draw in a patisserie maker instead.

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