Bayeux Tapestry is more than its seams
New build home sales fall more than 30%

News stops: King Zog I returns to Albania 51 years after death in Paris

A LOOK over the recent headlines from France.

King Zog I returns to Albania 51 years after dying in France
The remains of Albania’s King Zog I were flown back to his country on Thursday after being exhumed in a cemetery near Paris. Zog, who reigned from 1928 to 1939, died in France in 1961.

France to push for arming Syria's opposition coalition
France's foreign minister has said he will discuss supplying arms to the Syrian opposition coalition with European partners.

France avoids eurozone recession in third quarter
The eurozone slipped into its second recession since 2009 in the third quarter of this year, with output falling 0.1%, Eurostat data showed on Thursday. France and Germany managed to buck the trend, with both managing 0.2% growth in the same period.

Business leader shot dead in latest Corsica murder
The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of South Corsica Jacques Nacer was shot dead just before 7pm in central Ajaccio on Wednesday. Nacer becomes the 17th person to be assassinated in Corsica since the start of the year.

French Senate approves 'Nutella' tax hike
The French Senate on Wednesday approved the so-called Nutella tax, an amendment quadrupling the tax on palm oil that is aimed at curbing consumption of the saturated fat. The measure must pass another vote in the Senate and in the lower house.

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