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Mr William, the big ginger cat, helps Chats du Quercy

Chats-du-quercyLET the adventures of Mr William entertain the children and help raise funds for the Chats du Quercy animal charity.

Mr. William and his Great Balloon Adventure, tells the tale of a large ginger cat and his friend a small mouse, as the pair take to the skies.

Authors and artists, Hilary Edwards and Jack Hill, have offered to donate 50% of the profits from sales of the book to Chats du Quercy

Lynn Stone of Chats du Quercy said: "The illustrations are fantastic and compliment the humorous text so well. The book will make a super present for anyone who likes cats, as well as providing many hours of entertainment for children."

The charity has 25 copies of Mr. William and his Great Balloon Adventure signed by Hilary and Jack, and the book costs €12 each with €3 postage.

Copies can be collected from the Chats du Quercy rescue centre in 82190 Miramont de Quercy or by post, cheques payable to Chats du Quercy and sent to Chats du Quercy, Caussados, 82190 Miramont de Quercy.

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