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Looking beyond the French headlines with the BBC

TWO journalists at the BBC have taken a step away from the day-to-day political and economic headlines in France, to look at some more off the beaten track stories.

Kirsty Lang and Lucy Ash offer up a series of cultural snapshots, called On The French Fringe, that looks at subjects such as feminism, the appeal of cartoon books and how a street theatre company brought Nantes back to life.

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Gina J

This has been a really interesting series (can I also recommend the book 'Speaking the Culture', which explains more of French life whilst helping improve command of language). The programme on 'La Barbe' was especially good, from my particular pont of interest, having read about it for some time. I may even buy a false beard......

Craig McGinty

Hi Gina, it is an interesting series. And I had a few quiz questions based on the Speaking the Culture books on the site a few years back:

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