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Increase in fresh food prices underpins inflation

French-marketAN increase in the price of fresh food is being seen as the main reason behind a rise in the rate of inflation in France.

Official figures from INSEE, show that overall prices rose 0.2% in October compared to the previous month, producing an annual inflation rate of 1.9%.

Food prices increased in October, going up by 0.9% over the month and by 2.9% over the past 12 months.

This acceleration is mainly due to a rise, partly seasonal, in fresh food prices that increased by 4.9% in October (+10.2% year-on year), with a strong hike in fresh fruit prices (+8.2%; +9.4% year-on-year) and also in fresh vegetable prices (+4.3%; +15.6% year-on-year).

A substantial increase in tobacco prices in October also pushed the inflation rate up, although a slight brake was applied by a decline in energy prices, especially petroleum products prices.

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