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Spread your wings with some blogging tips

ButterflyistIF you have been thinking a little about starting a blog for your business in France, to pass on tips about a favourite hobby or just to write about where you live, here is a good starting point.

My friend, Andrea Wren, has been involved in a project that has tracked and recorded all the steps involved in starting a blog, regular updates have appeared in The Guardian newspaper, but for the full story drop in on Blogging Case Study.

Andrea has been working alongside internet specialist, Glen Allsopp, and over the past few months they have created the Butterflyist website, which aims to inspire people to spread their wings and travel.

The Blogging Case Study provides detailed information on starting a blog, and whatever your reason for setting one up you are sure to pick up some helpful tips and advice.

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Hey Craig, thanks for mentioning Butterflyist here! It's definitely been a wonderful journey so far, and Glen has been a great teacher. Of course, he has to tell me off sometimes haha, but one of the most positive things is how many other people are learning so much from this too.

We've heard from a lot of people who have started excellent blogs from scratch as absolute beginners, and are already seeing many visitors to their sites, or even earning from them.

For me, it is of course a very personal venture also, as my blog very much reflects how I feel about life and my own journey to the here and now. Happy new 2012!

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