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Any other TV shows in France with English subtitles?

Daily-show-franceTHERE is no doubt that having English subtitles on television programmes really helps you get up to speed with the French language.

Unfortunately few go down this route so you end up with programmes horribly dubbed and quickly losing any of the subtleties or impact of the original.

However, yesterday I discovered one programme that is subtitled and which appears on the unscrambled Canal+ channel - The Daily Show.

Bizarrely I can't properly link to the programme page on Canal+, and even a site search doesn't throw up any results, but I was able to track down the transmission time to Saturday morning at 8.05am, shoehorned in alongside the kids' cartoons.

Watching it recently you not only get the subtitles, but because host Jon Stewart deals with recent news and events you can begin to understand phrases and see how they can be applied to everyday life.

I am still nonplussed at how effectively the programme is hidden away on the Canal+ website, you'd have thought that the fact The Daily Show has been subtitled means its broadcast is very hush-hush.

But I am also wondering if there are any other programmes with subtitles hidden away in the listings of French TV channels? If you know any please feel free to leave a comment below.

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As you might know, there are many channels in France that have programs in version multilangue (V.M.) which gives the viewer a choice as to the language. Usually there's a choice of French and English.
Some examples are M6 with Bones, TF1 with Doctor House, CSI (Miami, Las Vegas and Manhattan)and of course, multiple choices of both American and British television on Canal+.


Hello! Can you help me find the subtitles in the website? I am learning french and your link was very helpful for me.. I still cannot figure out how to put subtitles on the show I was watching so can you tell me where? Thanks!

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