Statement from SeaFrance on job losses and future plans
LD Lines launch self check-in kiosks

Blog stops: What do bees eat?

Lapins-blogsIT has been a busy time in the world of blogs about life in France, here are some of the articles that I've been reading.

"Escape the plate" thoughts on helping animals - France and the Unknown
I think I’m going to have to try and avoid markets where animals are being sold. I don’t want to dwell on it, but just in brief, my problem is that to me animals are just as important as humans – if those two bunnies were human slaves being sold at a market (let’s go back in time to when it was legal for this to happen) I would buy them and free them – even though it meant contributing to the system.

So, I assume, would a lot of people. Whether that’s irresponsible or not in our society, I can’t help the way I feel.

So close yet so far away - C'est Christine
Despite the constant contact, my friends are still what I miss the most about home. A scheduled Skype date can’t replace a hungover day on the couch, laughing about the previous night’s escapades while preparing an epic pancake breakfast.

The joys of chickpea flour - The Evening Herault
Roll your peeled potatoes in chickpea flour (or semolina or polenta) after you have lightly oiled them and just before roasting, and they will take on a golden colour and a fantastic crisp texture.

Bee Food: Early June - Bees in France
Bees collect both nectar and pollen from flowers, in return fertilizing them. Nectar contains sugars that are the principle source of energy for the bees whilst the pollen provides the protein and trace minerals that are mostly fed to the brood.

Les lapins sataniques sont interdits - The Vendee Blog
These signs have appeared all over the commune where the chasse – the hunters – normally park up during the season. What can it all mean?

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William T

I recently subscribed to your blog "This French Life" on my Kindle. Here in the States, our quality of life absolutely reeks of late. We are going from a capitalistic society to a socialistic society and it is very painful. Your blog helps me see the other side of the pond perspective. I lived in France for 4 years when I was younger. I loved it. I miss it.
Keep up the good work. If things continue to get worse here in Les Etas Uni, I will again Habite dans La France!
Merci! Merci Boucoup!

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