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Flickr-franceI AM not sure if people have been shaking the dust off their cameras, but drop in on the This French Life Flickr pool and discover some new additions.

The work of artists, mountainscapes and village scenes have recently been added, so if you have been out and about in the past few weeks feel free to add your own images.

Don't forget to click on the usernames of people as this will let you discover more of their work.

And if you are keen to discover some new writing and articles here are some quick links to bloggers from around France:

Chanel scents a hit with Audrey Tautou - Charles Bremner

Get ready for a deluge of Chanel. In an astute bit of marketing, the Paris fashion and perfume company is about to relaunch its No.5 scent with a new muse: Audrey Tautou.

Spring foods and herbs - Living the life in Saint-Aignan

French people eat a lot of radishes. First you wash them well to get rid of any sand. You take them to the table slightly damp with the clear fresh water you washed them in. Then each person puts a pat of butter and a little pile of salt on a plate.

A cheese odyssey - Chez Loulou

Two years ago I impulsively decided to take on the whopping task of tasting each and every cheese produced in France.

Mark my words: the scourge of Franglais - Salut!

Over dinner in a Parisian suburb, a friend told me of the dismay she had felt on seeing a sign in a local furniture store advertising a closing down sale with the promise of une sacrification of prices.

French paperwork - Le Franco Phoney

My days are much less stressful when I’ve set my expectations low, and if there’s any French paperwork to be done, I’ve discovered it’s best to set my expectations as low as they will go.

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