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Paul Kendall

Yes, I've been using it for a year or so now. It works, it's as good as any other network for my purposes, and the top-up system works well. I've had no problems.

Still don't like paying 1,50€ for nothing, though. But it remains a better alternative to losing all the top-up money, as on other SIMs.

Karl Pitwon

This seems just the phone system for me, personally I can't stand the things, I have got one but the only time it ever gets used is when I go back to England and I like to ring the Wife from Calais to her know I have arrived safely, and of course everytime I go to use it? it needs recharging with both power and credit...... really frustrating. Do I need to go back to LeClerc to get the credit or can I get it from anywhere. The only thing I have got to be thankful to mobile phones for, is when I lived back in the UK,BT turned up next to my house , and erected a 60 foot phone mast.

Right, were not living next to that thing, lets sell up and go and live in France? which we did

Craig McGinty

Hi Karl,
You can set up a direct debit to credit the phone, but also do a top-up online, as well as buy the credits through the shops.

If you use as little as you say then you shouldn't have to worry too often about making sure the phone is available to use.

And thanks Paul for passing on your thoughts about the service.

All the best, Craig

Paul Kendall

My pleasure. I'd just add that you can also buy a top-up through the phone itself. Full instructions are supplied with the pack itself when you buy it. If you buy a top-up in-store, you will receive a paper till receipt bearing a code, which you must then "convert" into your top-up by tapping in the characters during a call to a number supplied. I have found online top-ups easiest and quickest.

If anyone has any difficulty understanding anything in the pack instructions, I'll be happy to assist if they could post the troublesome terminology here (with Craig's permission, of course!) But please don't ask me to post a translation of the whole document!!

Craig McGinty

>> I'll be happy to assist if they could post the troublesome terminology here (with Craig's permission, of course!) <<

No problem :-)


Karl Pitwon

Hi Paul
So I am interested? what do I do now, do I go along to my nearest Leclerc store with my mobile? and how much is this so called (Pack) going to cost me


Sue Boxell

Well - it's about time something like this happened. I have always thought that the mobile 'phone payment system for Pay as you Go in France was just sheer theft and cannot understand why if you pay for calls you lose them after one or two months if not used. For example, I normally pay 25 euros for two months but last year I was sold a 30 euro coupon as they were out of 25 euros. I was not advised that the validity of this was only one month (some sort of promotion). I was staggered when I tried to make a call and told that I had no 'credit de communication' left. I would rather pay 1.50 per month - for me this is a much more sensible option if you don't want a contract! For my next renewal I'm off to E. Leclerc!

Michael Howarth

I've been using this service for over a year now and it's excellent and can be recommended.You can buy just a SIM card or a package with phone, SIM card , & topup in which case you get € 30 off the price of the phone.Topping up online using a credit card couldn't be easier! All is explained here:


marie clark

this top up sounds good i think in sep my phone contract is up so will be going to my nearest leclerc.
how much are the sim's?
how much is a package with phone?
as i do have a mobile but i have been having signal problema where i live, 1 minute 4 bars then none.


One thing is kind of FRUSTRATING though: you just can't have a leclerc card AND a Blackberry once it does not work with the push up mail feature of a BB. I think it doesn't even allow any Internet access at all! I do hope they IMPROVE that feature...!

Till Wollheim

Prepaid amount may not be void - for unlimited period or at least it must be paied back!

Hi folks,
does anyone know if the legal situation in Germany is now valid all over the United States of Europe? I think I heared that the consumer-protection is parallel in all EU countries? In Germany - thanks to the jursidiction - phone-companies are now more permitted to swallow a prepaied credit. At least they have to pay back the amount.
Nomi canceled our 130 GBP-credit because we didn't use the phone for more than 180 days! This is clearly theft!

Rob Marshall

Yes, good system with good coverage. Another useful feature is the fact that via the website you can arrange to have a monthly statement emailed to you so you can keep track of your calls and remaining balance.

Malcolm Craven

Boughta new phone and sim card at Le Clerc, all fine for 6 months. I can receive messages but when I try to send a mesage all I get is an error. I have been into the store 3 times to try and sort it but no one seems to know what they are doing. Any ideas anyone?

Melissa Bird

I have had a Le Clerc phone for a while, superb, but I now want to progress to a contract (and get a phone with emails etc). I asked Orange but they said (unlike in the UK) they could not 'port' a telephone number from another company which was on a Pay as you go basis it seems they will 'port' from another company on a contract. As Le Clerc doesn't do a contract I seem stuck. I like the telephone number I have and I want to keep it.
Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas?

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