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From Bergeracois to Calaisiens

HabitantsNOW here is a fun website you are sure to waste ten minutes on, both clicking through the pages as well as trying to pronounce some of the words.

The website tells you what the French description is for a group of people from the same town or village, so you have Bergeracois for those from Bergerac and if you live in Angoulême you are a Angoumoisins.

Naturally the site offers the female equivalent, but also provides the word used to describe people from the smallest of villages, as well as some great example such as Bellovidériens for people from Beauvoir in l'Yonne département.

Keeping the regional theme running through this collection of sites and the next stop is a blog for people from Picardie that offers news and information from the region.

There are articles about forthcoming markets, as well as events on in the area, it could be a little easier to read as it uses blue text for the articles and black for links, but there is a newsletter for you to keep in touch with things and if you are from the region it could be a site to follow.

Staying in the north and there is an entertaining piece from Private Eye cartoonist Barry Fantoni and the appeal of Calais, he likes it so much he's bought a place there.

Like an increasing number of people he is looking to use the Channel tunnel as a route back to the UK so he can enjoy the French lifestyle, and cut out the grind of the daily commute.

And finally we head to the other end of the country and pick up some tips from travel journalist Simon Calder who has written about a walking tour in the Pyrenees and the merits of asking to see your hotel room before handing over any money.

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