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Famous Boeuf Bourguignon recipe

184728707_6072363feb_mONE of the most famous recipes of Burgundy is the one that includes its name, Boeuf Bourguignon.

This version is taken from that used by the chef at The Hotel Dieu, Monsieur Vernet.

For 4 people

1.5 kg/3 1/2 lbs stew beef preferably taken from the shoulder or shin
50G/3 1/2 tbsp butter
5 tbsp olive oil
2 carrots
2 onions
small round onions
button mushrooms
100g/1/4 lb fresh bacon
20g/1/4 cup flour
2 cloves garlic (optional)
1 1/2 bottles red burgundy wine
castor sugar
1 bouquet garni
salt and pepper

Marinade the beef, together with a 'garniture aromatique' (bouquet garni, onions and carrots,) in the wine and leave to marinade overnight.

Brown thoroughly in oil the drained pieces of meat. Skim off the fat and then sprinkle them with flour.

Add the marinade, the bouquet garni, carrots and onions and cook on a low heat for two hours. During the cooking time glaze until brown some small, round onions, button mushrooms and bacon (cook them in just enough water to cover them and some butter), sprinkle with sugar, cover with tin-foil and cook until the water boils away. Stir from time to time to ensure an even glazing.

Mix with the boeuf bourguignonne, check the thickness of the sauce and, if necessary, add some beurre manié (butter and flour.) The cooking can be finished in the oven, in a covered casserole, or even covered with flour.

What should you drink with this? You could choose a country wine like a Grand ordinaire Burgundy, or else a good Rully or a full bodied Pommard.

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liliane calmant

It is boeuf bourgignon and not bourgignonne. I think that you should not
write such a mistake in the web. Boeuf is masculine so the adjectif must be masculine. You would say: une vache bourgignonne.

Coral Luke

Thanks Liliane, spell checks are wonderful things but they are not always reliable! When they change things automatically I usually pick them up but this one slipped through the net. But your point will be very helpful for people learning the language as masuline and feminine is something you have to learn in context. It is good someone is reading and picking things up, just what we hope for.

S Saint

Well, what exactly is an "adjectif". Last time I checked it was adjective?


Well, what exactly is an "adjectif". Last time I checked it was adjective?

Adjectif is just the French for adjective. French will use the French version English speakers the English version. We have to be tolerant of each other.

jess cake

well, you guys sure are having alot of fun with this, i will try and make my comments about COOKING and not grammar. lets chat food....

Rebecca Malton

I am planning to cook this for a table of 6. What do you serve with this dish?


@ Rebecca Malton :

If you are asking about wine : the same red wine that the one used in the recipe, except of course if you have used a cheap wine for the sauce. In such a case, serve a better one. With a boeuf bourguignon, you shall NOT serve a bordeaux wine. "bourguignon" basically means "from bourgogne". So, use a strong, old burgundy red wine.

If you are asking about vegetables, small potatoes are fine, peeled and cooked into salted water, served with garlic and parsley. Another nice option would be boiled fenouil (I am afraid I do not know the english name of this vegetable. Check it on french Wikipedia, I am too lazy to do it now.

Finally, I would like to precise a particular point : as often, there are two recipes : the "classic" boeuf bourguignon (recipe above) and the "real" one, that is to say the boeuf bourguignon as it is prepared by french grand-mothers. Technically, this "real" boeuf bourguignon is called "daube de boeuf" by chefs. But this is another tale, ask the end of it to Mr Google.

Craig McGinty

Many thanks for the recipe tips, I'm sure people will try them out.

All the best, Craig


Never mind all the grammar discussion.
This recipe is not that good. It has far too much wine. You may need that much to cover the meat for the marinade, but I would only put about half of it back when cooking the meat and maybe add some beef bouillon.

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