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Neolithic stone circle revealed in Brittany

Stonesbrittany070806A SMALL building project in Brittany has hit the buffers with the discovery of a buried "menhir" or Neolithic standing stone.

A little more digging by archaeologists uncovered around 50 other stones that date from between the 5th and 3rd Century BC.

The site is near the village of Belz, in the south of Brittany, and the area is known for other standing stone formations, but this one is already being heralded as the most interesting ever discovered in France.

A team from the Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques (Inrap) is slowly revealing a large quantity of remains such as granite blocks, networks of ditches, wall foundations and pits.

Two sites showing the presence of humans have been identified through analyses of worked flints and pottery shards: one from the Late Neolithic (2nd millennium BC), the other from the Medieval period.

Although the stones have been toppled over, researchers are hoping this will allow them to discover more as they are in their true setting, revealing much about the actual environment of the historic monument.

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Phil Voice

What a fascinating story.

I bit of a quandry if you ask me. Upsetting because the project has hit the buffers and probably for a very long time but what a discovery to be part of!

I'll keep an eye on this.

Phil Voice

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