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Colin Randall of the Telegraph on French life

A look at France

Borrie_1201_1_5AUTHOR Sebastian Faulks describes the attraction of the French way of life in an interesting article in The Sunday Times.

His book Birdsong told the story of a young Englishman and his harrowing experiences fighting in northern France during the First World War.

And it is clear that Faulks spent a lot of time in the country researching around the fields and roads of the Somme and Verdun.

In his article he writes about the towns and cities of northern France, but also marvels at the foothills of the Massif Central and the restaurant that has room for 25 at the drop of a hat.

The newspaper is on a bit of a roll for all things France today as Brian Jackman takes a walk in the Dordogne, which has ‘the most edible countryside on earth’.

His gentle route along the banks of the river takes in ancient mills and Rocamadour, although he notes that it has become a victim of its own success and struggles under the number of tourists that visit the village.

But he also escapes into the countryside and enjoys the bluest of blue butterflies, snails the size of tangerines and of course tastes some of the region’s delicacies.

In the news section of The Time there is an interesting piece about the number of British farmers selling up and heading out to France with the support of the French government and the EU.

But farmers are not looking to live off the EU gravy train, many want to get back to farming and offer their produce for sale to the local community, instead of being at the beck and call of UK supermarkets.

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