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Petrol price guide for France

Coins1803THE French government has asked oil companies to provide a regular update of average petrol prices, which will be published on the internet.

The site provides details of prices over a certain period of time as well as in the past week.

Interestingly it also compares prices in France to the rest of Europe, with the price per litre in the UK coming in at 9cents more expensive.

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Petrol price website for France

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Peter Roberts

Is the price of petrol as stated here (about 1.20 per ltr)as when I was in France last year we were lucky to find petrol at 1.40 per ltr.

Craig McGinty

Hi Peter

The site I link through to provides official prices as compiled by the government.

Petrol prices in France, like elsewhere, have fluctuated quite dramatically over the past year or so, so it is possible you were paying €1.40/ltr.

One thing I did notice was that prices also varied quite markedly across France, and between petrol stations, as well as between the countryside and town.

All the best


Peter Roberts

Thanks for the reply Craig,I suppose in a way we are all in the same boat all governments want to make the most out of this situation with reguard to TAX and they all just say that there is nothing they can do.Fuel tax is easy to collect and thats it.BUT it wont stop us coming to France for the fifth year on My Motorbike,I keep off the toll roads and see the proper France its a wonderful place and we find the people nice too.
Just as a matter of interest at your local supermarket how much is a ltr of petrol now. Regards Peter.

bob poots

What is the latest on the threatened petrol strike in France? Anyone know please?

Craig McGinty

Hi Bob, I've not seen any news of national protests, blockades were recently made by fishermen at some refineries which the government brought to an end after agreeing to compensation.

One problem of this method is that every industry sector might think this is the way to get concessions and so more protests might occur - I'll try to keep readers up to date with events.


Peter Eames

I see your last comment was on 22.5.2008. Is there any up-to-date news on possible French strikes that would limit petrol/diesel availability there?

Craig McGinty

Hi Peter,
I've not seen a French website tracking petrol provision at different stations but I think it would be difficult to do this really.
Road protests can be tracked via the Bison Fute site at:
All the best,

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