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Desire to learn language strong

Ocr2709BRITISH exam board OCR claim that eight out of ten people wished they could speak a foreign language better.

The poll also found that people living in the south-east were much more likely to have tried to learn a foreign language than those in the north.

In London, 78% had tried learning another language, compared to 65% in Wales and the Midlands and 61% in the West Country.

In Scotland 74% said they had tried learning another language and 78% wished they were fluent - below the national average of 82%.

The research comes on the back of this year’s GCSE results showing a 14.4% fall in the number of French exam entries.

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I wish years ago when I started to learn French someone had told me the day comes when you stop translating and just understand what people are saying.
My goddaughter just married a frenchman and it was a great pleasure to meet and chat with his family.
I have found the television to be the best help as you absorb words like children do as well as learning about the way of life here. I continue to learn every day painlessly.

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