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Racist violence on increase

Natcommrights2203ANTI-SEMITIC and racist attacks in France reached an all time high in 2004 according to official research.

The National Consultative Commission on Human Rights said in its annual report that Jews and Muslims were the victims of 1,565 recorded acts of violence, threats and intimidation last year.

This was an increase from 833 instances recorded a year earlier said the Commission which records the number of reported racist acts for its annual report.

French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin received the report and said that the government would punish all forms of racism.

The research revealed that around two-thirds of attacks were anti-Jewish and that the majority were committed by people from an ‘Arab-Muslim background’.

Also the Commission recorded a rise in the number of attacks on Muslims, from 232 in 2003 to 595 last year, with the majority of violent attacks undertaken by far-right supporters.

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