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Frenchlife_square0608_5_14FERRIES are being delayed between Dover and Calais due to a damaged berth in the French port.

In a statement on the P&O website the ferry company says that foot passengers will not be carried this weekend, and that delays for all passengers are likely.

“Due to the withdrawal from service of a berth in Calais by the French port authorities, P&O Ferries' sailing schedules are subject to delays.

“Passengers with day trip bookings on the Dover-Calais route for the near future should call P&O Ferries on 08705 20 20 20 to re-book their travel for another date.

“Day trips are currently suspended from 11th to 14th inclusive. Passengers who are due to sail from Dover for longer stays on the Continent should check-in as usual but may experience delays.

“Due to the delays, which are also affecting other ferry operators from Dover,sections of the M20 motorway are closed due to traffic congestion, motorists are therefore advised to take the A2.”

Rival ferry operator SeaFrance is also facing the same problem saying ‘all sailings are being delayed as berth availability is severely restricted’.

LATEST (November 28, 2006)
Operation Stack at Dover in place

UPDATE 21/05/08
Operation Stack in place at Dover

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Hi. Im traveling with P&O on 13 of March from Calais to Dover. Will my ferry be suspended too?

Craig McGinty

Hi Agnes
Many thanks for your message.
The link that is featured in the article takes you through to the latest news section of the P&O website.
There are still some delays but it would be best to contact P&O directly just before you travel.
For the latest updates P&O have an information line on 0871 200 2444
Kind regards

Melanie Goode

WARNING from someone who has experienced the delay!
We travelled on Friday 4th March on what we thought was a normal crossing with P & O ferries. At dover we were told a delay of 4 hours might occur as there was a problem with the Calais port and our tour operator decided to risk it as we were stuck on a coach anyway.
We boarded the ferry at 2.15pm and sailed as advised at 4.
We caught sight of France 1 and a half hours later but then due to further delays we did not berth into Calais till 3.30am. 13 hours after boarding!!
So avoid the ferry till they have repaired the damage at Calais as the estimated delay they will advise you at Dover may be wrong and I would not like anybody to go through what we had to on Friday.


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Bob Culbertson

This is Sat 2nd April is the trouble at Calais port still ongoing, and if so when is it going to end, soon I hope as it must be costing the ferry companies millions

Craig McGinty

I've had a quick check of the P&O website and it says they are currently operating the Dover/Calais service with minimal delays.


we travel this Fri 29 April 2005 Dover to Calais with P&O. My 80 yrs old Father-in-law is travelling with us. He suffered a mild stoke 2 yrs ago. We don't want to be delayed much or at all if can be avoided.
Can you advise latest on P&O delays please and is it possible to switch to another Ferry Company with minimum loss, only 4 days before travelling ?


my boyfriend is at le-mans and is due to catch the ferry tomorrow to dover is there a strike as he has been told the french are striking

Craig McGinty

Hi Julie, there have been some protests in the past couple of days by French fishermen, but I don't think it has had any real impact on cross Channel ferries.
It might be worth keeping an eye on the Port of Dover website:
All the best, Craig

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